SideWall Rapid Shelters

  • Attach up to 4 walls to the 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 ft. shelters, and up to 6 walls on the 10 x 20 ft. shelter
  • Vary the level of protection based on your needs
  • Durable and long lasting PVC-backed polyester
  • Velcro fastening at the top forms a tight seal and helps eliminate leaking; rip-and-stick side loops secures wall to the shelter's legs
  • Zippers on both sides of Side Wall allow you to attach walls together to completely enclose canopy

Each side panel has a Velcro top that connects to the tent top and each side zippers into the next side panel. These ARS factory made sidewalls are of a heavy-duty material and zipper together at the corners for added strength and security to the structure.

ZIP TOGETHER SIDEWALL 8X8 - WHITE Discontinued New Product Coming Soon

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ZIP TOGETHER SIDEWALL 10X10 - ROYAL BLUE Discontinued New Product Coming Soon

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